A Change of Seasons

It's officially fall. We even had a break in the 100 degree weather! Of course that was all it took for me to decide to change things up a bit around the house. This is always a tricky time of year for me because even though the calendar says fall, the Texas heat still says summer. So what I do is just change a few things to make it a little less summery and a little more fall-ish. I can do more as the temperature starts to drop and the leaves start to fall. The most obvious place to start is the sunroom. I love my brightly floral colored pillows mixed with polka dots, but they really scream summer so out they go.

In come my fall pillows and a different quilt. Minor change to be sure, but major impact and totally different feel.

The other quick update is the front porch. A fall wreath on the door, some fairytale pumpkins, and fall color in the pots and the porch is dressed for fall.

It's not a lot, but these minor changes help me welcome fall to my home. More changes will gradually work their way in in the upcoming months. 

I'll keep you posted... 


4th of July Front Porch & More...

After I made my 4th of July pillows, I got excited about decorating the front porch and a few places around the house. Nothing crazy, just enough to celebrate this great country I live in. A trip to the dollar store and I was ready to go. I had some star decals left over from my pillow project, so I decided to attach them to some skewers. It was simple enough to do, just attach one decal to a skewer then attach the same size decal to the back so that they stick to each-other with the stick in between.

I stuck these in the planter on the front door.

Next, I strung together some red, white and blue paper lanterns to hang instead of a flag. Pillows on the chairs and the front porch is done. Patriotic but not over the top. I like it. 

Next, the outdoor dining room got some sparkle with a garland and sprays instead of candles.

A garland for the dining room light fixture... 

And one last garland for the breakfast room table...

I did all this for less than $15 (not including the pillows). Notice that I didn't go crazy with red, white and blue. I used orange flowers in the breakfast room and a burlap runner on the dining table. That makes it a lot more subtle and doesn't look like theme decor which is not my style.

Happy 4th of July!! 

I'll keep you posted... 


'Tis The Season!!!

It's my favorite time of the year and I'm excited to say that all the decorating is done. I know that I usually say less is better, but that is not my approach at Christmas. I fill every nook and cranny with decorations collected over my lifetime. Here's a little sample of what my home looks like this year:

Let's start with the tree. This year it's all white and gold with a "found in nature" theme. Simple and beautiful. There is a white burlap tree skirt, cotton boles, pine cones, icy branches, and snowflakes of different sizes and textures.

Santa is everywhere. My favorite old ones are in a vignette on the bar.

My "Nana" tree has a place of honor on a table in the playroom. Every ornament and the tree skirt were hand made by my grandmother, Nana.

Garland adorns bannisters, light fixtures, and the mantle and Christmas pillows are scattered in every room.

I have dozens of beautiful glass ornaments that I decided not to put on the tree this year. I wanted to still have them out, so I put them in 3 bell jars on a table and it's my new favorite thing. Even though you can't see each ornament, the overall look is wonderful.

The bookcase has been transformed by the snow village.

And most importantly of all, the nativity scenes remind me why we really celebrate this time of the year.

Merry Christmas!

I'll keep you posted...