Outdoor Dining Room--Part 3

It's finished!! Well, at least the construction phase is finished. Total project time--12 days. The fan is up as is the chandelier and I'm pleased with both. I ended up with a commercial grade fan because that was all I could find that mounted on the wall. To make it look a little less industrial, I removed the big chrome cage that is supposed to surround the blades. I'm sure it's there for safety, but this fan is so high that it won't be a danger. The chandelier is a reject that's been in the basement for years. I spray painted it and removed most of the crystals to make it a little more casual and it looks just right.

The banquette was built. I used the same paneling that is on the wall and trimmed it out with some of the wood that was left over from the ceiling joists we removed so it ties in beautifully with the rest of the room.

This banquette should comfortably seat 6 and maybe we can squeeze in 7!

The railing was built to match the rest of the railing that is around the deck. I also had a wide top put on it so that it can serve as side board. It still has to be stained but I need to let it season for a week or so first.

railing/serving area

We also decided to splurge and put limestone on the stairs. it was a budget buster, but we think it was worth it. Here are the before and after pictures.

Now I'm on to accessorizing!! The table is being made and we should have it in a couple of weeks. I am going to start looking for chairs this week and something for the walls.

I'll keep you posted!