Chalkboard Powder Room

We had some foundation work done on our home. While the foundation is now in good shape, the same cannot be said for some of the sheet rock. We now have an interesting assortment of cracks in various rooms. I haven't been willing to go through the mess and expense to fix most of it, but the powder room was really starting to bother me. It is, after all, the room that guests use. There is a big crack about 3 feet off the floor that runs around the entire room. UGLY. Today I couldn't stand it anymore. Here is what I did:

Can you see the crack? Now picture it going around the whole room.

I had a partial can of chalkboard paint left over from another project. I figured black paint would hide just about anything, so I painted a 5" wide stripe over the crack around the entire room. Then I painted the wall that the door is on. I rehung a few plates and put a container of chalk on the back of the toilet. I think it looks really cute! I can't wait to see what our guests write and draw.

Sorry about the pictures. This powder room is tiny so I had trouble getting a decent shot. Hopefully you can get the idea. This project took a little over an hour and didn't cost me anything because I already had the paint. I'll admit, it's a temporary solution until we really repair the cracks, but I'm happy now!

I'll keep you posted...