More Fall Decor

Now that it's November, I'm adding a little more fall to my house.

The grapevine I put on the light in September gets some berries.

The grapevine I put on the light in September gets some berries.

These long,rust velvet slipcovers replace the short, light green linen. If you're as lucky as I am, your awesome sister will iron them for you. Thanks Terri!

The cornucopia center piece comes next, and the dining room is finished!

The natural linen slipcovers are removed and are replaced with dark brown, and darker pillows are added. 

Even the kitchen counters get a touch of fall with gourds in cake domes.

Now I realize that not everyone can change out slipcovers on their furniture. The only reason I can is that the company I ordered from sent me the wrong color the first time. Because of their great customer service, they replaced them with the right color and had me keep the first set. The only problem was the the color was wrong--really wrong. After sitting unused in a closet for 6 months, I had the brilliant idea to dye them. Off they went to Oregon and when I got them back, they were the perfect shade of chocolate brown for fall/winter. If you don't have slipcovers, don't worry about it. The change of pillows is all you really need. 

I'll keep you posted...