A Christmas Brunch

This week I had a Christmas brunch for 20 friends. This is just a short post to show you what I served and how I set up for it. There is a link for each of the recipes if you decide you want to try any of them. Preparation is the key to feeding a large group. I do as much as I can to set up the day before. That means putting out the plates, silverware, napkins, drinking glasses, coffee cups, water pitcher, serving platters,...You get the picture. 

Here is what I served:

Since it was a casual brunch, I set up a couple of serving areas in my kitchen. The drinks were in one area, the desserts in another, and the food was served on the island.

I was able to make the casserole the day before, so all I had to do that morning was to make the fruit salad, assemble and cook the coffee cake, and heat the casserole. All the desserts were made ahead of time. The best part about planning ahead and taking the time to prepare as much as you can ahead of time, is that the morning is stress free and I was able to enjoy visiting with all my friends. i was part of the party rather than being the person working in the kitchen the whole time. For me, that's a successful party.

I'll keep you posted...