It's Christmas Time in the City...

I know! I've been gone for months. Life's been crazy, but in a good way. It's been so long since I've posted anything that I can't really remember what to do, but I have to power through because it's Christmas again! I've got so may new things to show you. I'm having Christmas here for the first time in 4 years, so I may have gone a little overboard...

First is my Nana Tree. I call it that because every ornament plus the tree skirt were made by my grandmother, Nana. I can't even imagine the hours put into this tree. I love taking it out every year and seeing all the little treasures!

Next are the nativities. They are the reason for the season after all!

Of course I had to put up the snow village because it's Hubby's favorite thing about Christmas. He wants to leave it up all year, but I don't agree. It wouldn't be special it was there year around.

Want to see some trees? The main tree is 12 feet tall and it's glorious!

Every tree should have a bird nest for good luck.

The hidden pickle is a nod to my German heritage. Can you see it? Whoever finds it first every year gets a special treat.

The cross as the topper shines bright during the day with the sun on it. I love the reminder of the cross.

My Jesse Trees are a favorite Advent tradition.

This little cutie is in the guest room for my Mom. It's got all the ornaments the kids made over the years. So sweet to see.

Recognize this one? Charlie Brown is the greatest.

The amazing driftwood tree has a new home on the deck. Last year it was our main tree since we weren't home for Christmas and we loved it in the living room, but it looks perfect outside.

The garland on the deck didn't cost me a thing and I love it! The pine branches are from my daughter's property and the greenery came from the throw away pile at a Christmas tree lot.

The outdoor dining room is all dressed up too. I hope we'll be using it a lot over the holidays.

Every room inside get a little touch of Christmas cheer.

Now I just have to finish my shopping and enjoy all the fruits of my labor.

Merry Christmas everyone!

I'll keep you posted...