Breakfast Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Hubby loves breakfast. It's his favorite meal of the day, but lately he's getting a little tired of breakfast tacos, so this week I decided to try incorporating another of his favorites-- the grilled cheese sandwich. It's a super simple, quick assembly that he loved. He asked for it again the next day. I used basic American cheese slices because he loves them, but feel free to fancy it up with whatever variety you have on hand. I will say that even though American cheese is not usually one of my tops picks, it's hard to beat it's amazing creaminess when melted. A cooked egg and some jalapeño slices and it was ready to grill. Here's what you'll need:

  • 2 slices of bread
  • 2 eggs
  • 3 slices American cheese
  • jalapeño slices
  • butter

Start by melting a little butter in a skillet and frying the 2 eggs. I like to pop the yolks but still leave them a little gooey.

While the eggs are cooking, place some cheese on one slice of the bread. The bread I used was pretty big, so I used 2 slices for coverage. Top with jalapeño slices.

Top with the cooked eggs.

Top with the other slice of bread and spread the top with butter.

grilled cheese breakfast sandwich

In the same skillet you cooked the eggs, place the sandwich leaving the buttered side up. There should be enough melted butter left in the skillet, but if there isn't, add a little more.

When the bottom is toasted, flip the sandwich.

That's it!