Chipotle Pulled Pork Panini

"Really good!" said my son the chef. "Ridiculously delicious" said Hubby. All that fuss over leftovers? Yep. That's what you'll hear if you make these delicious paninis.  It's one more way to serve the leftovers you have from the chipotle pulled pork. I forgot to get ciabatta rolls at the store, so I decided to make some quick beer bread instead of going back to the store. I used Guiness when I made it this time because I wanted a strong beer flavor to stand up to the pork. I was a little worried that it wouldn't hold up for the panini, but it worked beautifully. Here's what you'll need:

Start by heated your panini press. If you don't have a press, any heavy skillet will work fine. Take 1 slice of bread and spread butter on one side. 

Place it buttered side down on the heated press or skillet. 

Add some of the chipotle sauce to the unbuttered side. 

Now add some of the sliced gruyere cheese. 

Add some of the pulled pork. 

Now add more cheese. 

Take the second slice of bread and add some chipotle sauce. 

Put it on top of the final layer of cheese, then butter the top. 

Close the press and push down on the lid. If you don't have a press you can use anything heavy to press the sandwich down, like a smaller skillet. 

Cook until lightly toasted. If you are using a skillet, flip the sandwich and cook the other side. 

Serve it with a salad for a delicious meal.